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Waller Leading by Example

Organized under the brands of 2020 Turnout Sunday and Lawyers & Collars Campaign, the effort has recruited “poll chaplains” among interfaith leaders along with church-based lawyers to provide moral and legal support at polling sites of vulnerable voters.

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Lawyers and Collars team up on Election Day in Charlotte

On Election Day 2020, a group called Lawyers and Collars sent ministers to polls in Mecklenburg County and around the country to keep an eye on things.


Poll chaplains to stand watch across the state on Election Day

It’s a divide motivating hundreds of faith-based leaders to bring calm to polling locations across the state.


Poll watchers in Alabama report massive turnout, long waits and machine shortages

One observer spoke to multiple people in long lines who vowed that they are ready to wait all night if they have to.


Faith leaders play election peacemakers, at polls and beyond

Webster, an organizer with the progressive group Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, is part of a broader network of faith leaders fanning out to the polls nationwide – to support voters by providing a peaceful presence and, if necessary, defusing any tense moments.


Meet the "poll chaplains" hoping to keep the peace at the polls on Nov. 3

Hale and hundreds of other members of the clergy have been trained as part of a nonpartisan initiative called Lawyers and Collars to act as “poll chaplains” in nine battleground states. Hale will act as a poll chaplain in Georgia, a state that was at the center of a debate over voter suppression during the 2018 midterms. 


Acting on faith to protect voters and the vote

Church groups prepare to ward off suppression at the ballot box, and to resist attempts to overthrow the election

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Polling places prepare as ban on open carry on Election Day brings mixed reactions

Polling places prepare as ban on open carry on Election Day brings mixed reactions


Clergy, lawyers to team up as poll watchdogs on Election Day

Attorneys and clergy in Arizona are teaming up to keep voter suppression in check. The Lawyers and Collars initiative is organizing poll chaplains to keep an eye on polling locations to make sure everything's on the up-and-up.