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Thank you, Poll Chaplains!


During early voting and election day, you stood in the gap and provided a moral presence and vital support to voters in need across the country. Despite threats of violence, intimidation, and obstruction of voters, you showed up as nonviolent peacemakers creating calm in the face of potential turbulence.  

Blessings to you for your service!


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Poll Chaplain Collage .Lawrence Rodgers
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This battle is far too big for any one racial, ethnic,

or faith group to fight alone.

2022 Press

U.S. tensions are high. Chaplains at the polls tried to keep peace.

Faith leaders to be stationed at polling sites across North Texas on Election Day


Poll chaplains: 'Calming peacekeepers,' to help voters at Election Day sites

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Seeking to bring peace, ensure justice, clergy prepare to stand watch at the polls

Faith group deploys Election Day chaplains

This Phoenix pastor wants more clergy to help ensure peaceful elections in Arizona

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