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As Christians and American citizens, we have an obligation and moral responsibility to participate in elections to ensure that policies at the local, state and national levels bring us closer to achieving our vision of a world where all people experience compassion, equality and justice. TURNOUT Sunday coordinates civic engagement and public policy information sharing among denominational and independent church leaders facilitated through the Skinner Leadership Institute and the National African American Clergy Network (NAACN).

This important clergy network has worked together on voter registration, education, protection, engagement and turnout activities and is proud to partner with Sojourners, a recognized authority on faith-based advocacy, and a source of information and inspiration to more than 5 million people of faith across the nation. The National African American Clergy Network partnership with Sojourners through the TURNOUT Sunday/Lawyers & Collars project brings together clergy (often in sacred collars), and lawyers to provide a moral and legal presence at polling sites of vulnerable voters. This powerful partnership helps to ensure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to participate in important decisions about their community.

TURNOUT Sunday Toolkit is a product of the National African American Clergy Network (NAACN) of denominational & independent church leaders in partnership with Sojourners

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Pastor John Jenkins, Dr. Williams-Skinner, Rev. Jim Wallis